- API Spec 5L

- ASTM A 53

- EN 10208-1

- EN 10208-2

 Used for

- Construction of  long distance Pipe Lines for combustible liquids and gases.

- Conveying gas and oil; in oil and natural gas industries.

 Dimensions According to Table 1 and Table 2.
 Chemical Composition (%)
 Mechanical Properties

- Unprotected

- External varnished with black or clear lacquer

- If required, the plain end pipes can be delivered with plastic caps at both ends

 Marking According to standard or per customer request.

In bundles up to 4000 kg (8800 lbs) tied in minimum six places with steel strip.

Quantity tolerances: ±5% per size or / and per total.

 Mill test report

Mill test reports are issued to customer requirements. Usually they comply with DIN 50049, EN   10204.

Quality certified LR, API 5L, TUV , PED.